64-Yahia Kapdan had been murdered

There was no longer any doubt remaining that Yahia Kapdan had been murdered

There was no longer any doubt remaining that Yahia Kapdan had been murdered. This truth having been fully established, did it follow that the Government by taking legal proceedings would ensure that the perpetrators of the crime the Government themselves being the actual murderers would for ever remain undiscovered? But, it is merely a question of time when every detail, every truth will be thoroughly and impartially sifted and laid bare by history.

It is in the firm conviction that the examination of the motives and factors that drove the Government and the leaders of our organi sation in Constantinople to commit such a base crime will lead to really instructive results, that I have supported the many details concerning an incident which at first sight might appear unimpotant by actual proofs and documents. If in the preceding account I have succeeded in contributing something that will be considered parti cularly enlightening in the eyes of the nation, I believe I shall have performed a conscientious duty and shall feel more satisfied.

In this thought, it might be well to bear in mind two points.

Firstly, the secret organisation to which Said Molla belonged and the role played by individuals and gangs in the districts of Gebse and Kartal, all of whom belonged to this organisation; the skill they displayed in attributing their deeds to our own people and organi sations and thereby misleading people who were regarded as patriots,and the success of their manoeuvres.

Secondly, the attitude of the leaders of our organisation in Con stantinople. These men, relying on ourselves, the Representative Committee, who were asked to follow our instructions and communi cations, ought to have understood that steady advance in the direction of our common aim could only be possible if they faithfully did their duty. But they did nothing of the sort. In spite of the warnings of the Representative Committee, they believed in their own superiority and acted accordingly. In their comparatively isolated position their vanity increased, they lost their nerve and, under the delusive in fluence of this, they went so far as to allow themselves to be hood winked. (Document 212.)

Before bringing my account of this affair to an end, I would like to read a final telegram, which must fill everyone who has a conscience with sadness.

To His ExceUency Mustapha Kemal Pasha, President ofthe National Forces at Angora. Constantinople 4960. Constantinople, 14^ January, 1920.

Yahia Kapdan, my husband, has been brutally murdered after he had surrendered. He committed no crime, and the only reason given for it is that he was associated with Your Excellency. The murder was committed by Captain Nail Effendi, commanding the Gendarmerie at Gebse, and Lieut. Abdurrahman Effendi. All ^ the inhabitants of Tawshandshil were witnesses of the deed. The Minis tries of Justice and of the Interior are making inquiries about this crime. I am left in a desolate position with two children. We rely that Your Excellency will do all you can to obtain support for us.

Shefket Hanem, widow of Yahia Kapdan. Kara Gumruk, Karabash, No. 19.

The affair of Yahia Kapdan commenced on the 20^ November, and in order to follow its development we have had to extend our account of it over a long period.

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