62-The corrupt atmosphere of Constantinople

The corrupt atmosphere of Constantinople

To give you an example of the confusion that the corrupt at mosphere of Constantinople produced at this time in the minds and thoughts of persons who were regarded as being most honourable and judicious, and who accepted the most difficult tasks for the liberation of the country, I would like to tell you of an individual case which engaged my personal attention while I was still at Sivas. There might perhaps be some amongst the honourable members here present who have not forgotten it.

Senator Tshuruk Sulu Mahmud Pasha had given the editor of the “Bosphorus” some of his ideas about our political position. You will remember that General Mahmud Pasha was at that time a member of the Peace Commission. Seventeen days later I read another statement at Sivas made by the same general, which had been published in the u Taswiri-Efkiar” on 31 st October. One sentence attracted my atten tion: “Without accepting the exaggerated demands of the Armenians as being reasonable, we are willing to consent to certain alterations being made in the frontier line.”

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