45-Was it not the fact that Wilson had actually retired from the stage?

Was it not the fact that Wilson had actually retired from the stage?

And to show that it is confident of success, the Cabinet introduces this argument to support it:

“The sense of justice exhibited by the Great Powers and the moderation shown by them, which is becoming more and more evident in the public opinion of Europe and America, inspire us with confidence.”

Do not these sentiments agree literally with the wording of the proclamation issued by Perid Pasha s Cabinet and which purported to have emanated from the mouth of the Padishah? Has not the pub lication of such a manifesto the object of lulling the nation to sleep and leading it astray?

Where is the justice they refer to? Where is the moderation they talk about? Is there the slightest ground for either? Is it not clear that what the Powers are doing within the Empire, beginning at the Metropolis, strongly contradicts such a contention?

Was it not the fact that Wilson had actually retired from the stage with all his principles and had taken up the position of a mere spectator, while the occupation of the territories in the Ottoman Empire, including Syria, Palestine, the Irak, Smyrna, Adana, and all the other places, was quietly going on practically under his eyes?

Is it conceivable, in face of so many distinct signs of collapse, that any person possessed of reason and conscience and capable of discernment could allow himself to be so completely led astray? If people are really simple enough to deceive themselves to such an extent, can those who are reasonable and able to appreciate the tragic reality possibly be suffered to control the destiny of the country?

If we may suppose that these individuals know the true state of affairs and are not deceiving themselves, to what must we attribute the indefatigable energy displayed by them in misleading the nation and driving the people like a flock of sheep into the clutches of their enemies?

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