36-Ferid Pasha’s Cabinet could only hold out for three days longer

Ferid Pasha s Cabinet could only hold out for three days longer

To the other points emphasised by Kerim Pasha, I answered in these terms:

“We implore the most Gracious and most Merciful God to reveal His sublime manifestations, which are so near at hand, for the salvation of our unhappy and noble nation, and we trust that the obstinacy exhibited by certain interested people in Constantinople, where the political horizon is veiled by perpetual fog, will disappear. The noble heart of the nation is beating in harmony with this desire.

“I must beg, however, to be permitted to point out once more that the questions I am urging you to answer with “yes” or “no” have unfortunately remained unanswered. Undoubtedly, my most venerable Pasha, “the Hand of God is over all others,” but it is none the less a fact that those who try to find a way to solve this question and overcome all the difficulties that encompass it must have a fixed aim ….

“The nation will act according to the Divine Will and, as you have said, its desires will come to a happy issue. I beg you, also, to give us your blessing on the future that lies before us. Man proposes, God disposes.” Mustapha Kemal.

I was fully convinced that Kerim Pasha was fatigued. He de clared: “Only two more words, my Soul”, and continued, “the most sincere aspirations are included in the demands of the national move ment in the hope that those principles will be honoured and respected and that the decision in the end will be guided by God s hands and thus be accepted and obeyed.”

At last he wanted to retire, and said: “Good bye; we shall speak to one another again at another time.” But we would not let him go; we wanted to have the last word.

“I want to say something more to you/ I said, “and beg you to keep it in your mind. The nation is strong, conscious of its rights and firm in its resolutions. The movement is spreading very rapidly. It is now time that His Majesty the Sultan will deign to come to a decision and settle this question,” (Document 112.) As the result of this exchange of telegrams Ferid Pasha s Cabinet could only hold out for three days longer.

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