33-The Sovereign has been deceived

The Sovereign has been deceived

“It is exactly on this very point that the Sovereign has been deceived.

“The sole means of salvation and the only support of our existence are based on the fact that the national strength shall become the ruling factor, and the will of the nation the sovereign power. To depart in the slightest degree from this firm and lawful basis would May God forbid it ! mean a source of disappointment to the State, the people and the country.

“It is an unfortunate and an undoubted fact that there are many evil-minded persons May the earth swallow them up ! who have no scruples about falsely describing and representing our noble na tional enterprise publicly before the world.

“But what is extremely sad, is the fact that at the head of these accursed evil-minded people there are political personalities in our immortal State, such as Ferid Pasha, the Grand Vizier, Aadil Bey and Suleiman Shefik Pasha, who are Ministers.

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