24-I continually received intelligence while the Congress

I continually received intelligence while the Congress was going on.

Gentlemen, in this way I continually received intelligence while the Congress was going on. It was quite enough to a put severe strain on my nerves. But I was under the impression that it would do more harm than good if I told the Congress about it. You have just heard that I preferred to mention the case of All Galib merely as a warning. You will see presently that it was a very serious matter.

In spite of all the difficulties and dangers that surrounded us, the most important thing in my opinion was to bring the discussions of the Congress to an end as soon as possible, by keeping to the motions before the meeting and putting them in force in the country without delay. I obtained my wish.

We took care that the resolutions passed by the national organi sations were published all over the country as widely as possible, as well as the manifesto issued by the Congress, which had been printed.

As unforeseen events were to be anticipated, notwithstanding that the Congress was over, I thought it better to induce members of the Congress to remain at Sivas till the atmosphere cleared. At the same time, I made preparations for convening an extraordinary and still more influential congress if it should become necessary.

However, after the flight of All Galib there was no object in detain ing the members in Sivas any longer. After the fall of Ferid Pasha s Cabinet there was no more need to arrange for an extraordinary congress. (Document 55.)

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