23-A public meeting was held in which the inhabitants of Sivas took part

A public meeting was held in which the inhabitants of Sivas took part

On the 12 th , a public meeting was held in which the inhabitants of Sivas took part, and several of them spoke.

The most important questions that had been discussed at the Congress referred to the hastening on of the election of deputies and the necessity of deciding where they should meet. But certain others, which I shall refer to, caused us to curtail the proceedings. Later on the Representative Committee went into these questions. IOI All the information that arrived on the g th September I laid before the Congress in these words: “The English troops at Eski- Shehr and Afium Kara Hissar have been doubled. General Miller has arrived at Konia. Djemal Bey, Vali of Konia, and Muheddin Bey, Vali of Angora, have persisted in objecting to their presence there. It appears that All Riza Bey, the new Vali of Kastamuni, is a man of similar character to that of Djemal Bey.”

Knowing that my honourable colleagues were anxious for decisive action, I requested Fuad Pasha to act promptly and energetically. Relying on the confidence of the Congress, Fuad Pasha, acting in its name, ordered that the necessary communications should be made and steps taken forthwith. He begged the assembly to approve of this. Fuad Pasha severely reproved the Vali. He appointed officers of high rank to take command of the national troops in the various districts and invested them with full power to act in the name of the nation.

After the Congress had approved of this proposal, I continued:

“A certain Vali, named Galib Bey, who is already on the way, has apparently been appointed to Sivas. We have not been able to ascertain whether he is Ali Galib Bey, Vali of Karput, or Mehmet Galib Bey, Vali of Trebizond. We have also been informed that Major Nowill, an English officer, had arrived at Malatia, accompanied by Kiamran Bey, Djeladet Bey and Djemil Bey, a member of the Bedrihani family, escorted by fifteen mounted Kurds. He was received by Halil Bey, the Mutessarif of Malatia, who is also a Bedrihani/

The Vali of Karput also came by motor-car, ostensibly to pro secute the brigands who plunder the mail-coaches. On the same pre tence, a Division from Husnamansur was placed at his disposition. We understood that their real object was to rouse the Kurds and incite them to attack us, promising them in return a constitution for an independent Kurdistan.

We took precautions to guard against such a possibility. Among other things, we intended to have the Vali and his companions arrested.

As the Mutessarif of Malatia for his part had called the Kurdish tribes together in this town, we had also decided to take adequate measures with the assistance of the XIII th Army Corps. These steps were already completed. A Division of troops was got under arms that very night, and were dispatched to Malatia to suppress this agitation. The officer commanding the Army Corps here did every thing that was necessary. Orders were given to Malatia and elsewhere.

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