11-Arrived at Sivas on the 2 nd September

Arrived at Sivas on the 2 nd September

So we went on, and crossed the pass and arrived at Sivas on the 2 nd September. Long before we reached the town, the inhabitants came out to meet us and greeted us with great enthusiasm.

Selaheddin Bey, commanding the III rd Army Corps, was at Sivas. He and the Vali had shown extraordinary interest in our arrival, and extended the greatest hospitality to us in arranging accommodation for the delegates who were coming to the congress. He also prepared the school, which he had chosen for the Representative Committee to meet in, and the larger halls for the congress.

Refet Bey was not there. Nobody knew where he was; but on the 7 th July we had ordered him not to leave the district where the III rd Corps was quartered. His presence would have been very ad visable, especially while the congress was sitting.

We heard by letter that he was at Angora. I ordered Ali Fuad Pasha, commanding the Army Corps at Angora, to tell him to come immediately, without fail.

He arrived on the 7 th September, and I introduced him to the congress as a member of the Representative Committee.

Delegetes were awaiting our arrival

The delegates who had arrived before us had already held a meet ing among themselves and had drawn up several preliminary propo sals while they were awaiting our arrival. Several private meetings and discussions also took place after we came, and it was even said that some important resolutions had already been passed at them.

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